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Well, this just got even better…

yes. this.

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Star Trek (spoiler alert)

After seeing Star Trek Into Darkness, my dad reminded me that Ricardo Montalban as Khan was very smooth and seductive, and used his sexiness in his favor. I just want to know why Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t do that… although every female would’ve died :)

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just watched all of these in two days of being sick! so funny! …but the high concentration has made me start talking like lizzie bennet… :)

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That’s a pretty apt description. 

Les Miserables according to Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway.


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i think i died and went to heaven

i think i died and went to heaven

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reblogging this to watch later

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Aaron Tveit as Mike Warren. Graceland, 2013.

so excited!

Aaron Tveit as Mike Warren. 
Graceland, 2013.

so excited!

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La Vie Boheme (by SkylarAstinFan)

So what do I love most? Possibly Nicole Scherzinger spanking Aaron Tveit and pulling his hair. 


I like that.

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